Healthy Immune Ageing

Let's talk about ageing

As we age, our immune system weakens, leaving us more susceptible to diseases.1

There is a gap in immunisation coverage between adults and infants.2,3 Vaccination is key to healthy aging and there is a need to focus on reducing this gap in coverage.2,3

How can you help?

Recommendation from a health professional was shown to be the most important factor influencing adults receiving a vaccine.2-4 In Australia, when consumers were asked where they sought information on vaccination, consumers consistently cited their GPs as a reliable resource.3

Build your knowledge on healthy ageing, immunisation, and vaccine-preventable diseases through this 4-part CPD accredited webinar series

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of Australians are aged
>50 years old5

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20% of Australians have ≥2 chronic health conditions (multimorbidity)6

Join us for the Healthy Immune Ageing CPD webinar series

Immunity, disease, and immunisation in older adults

There were nearly 8.5 million people in Australia aged ≥ 50 years in 20215 highlighting the importance of understanding health in an ageing population.

Join us for a discussion with Dr Sarah Chu and Dr Daman Langguth about healthy ageing and the impact that ageing has on both an individual’s susceptibility to infectious diseases and decreased response to vaccination.6

Risks of vaccine-preventable conditions in older adults with multi-morbidities

As people age, they accrue multiple co-morbidities.5 This can increase the risk of developing infectious diseases and associated complications.

Hear from Dr Rodney Pearce and Dr Paul Russo as they exemplify these risks through their respective case presentations about a delayed diagnosis of pertussis and the devastating impact of zoster radiculitis in an elderly patient with multi-morbidities.8

Seizing opportunities to reduce infectious disease risk in older adults with respiratory comorbidities

As people age, they often develop multi-morbidities which may place them at increased risk of disease.7

Learn from Dr Victoria Hayes and Associate Professor Michael Woodward as they put a spotlight on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma and the impact of immunosenescence on increased risk of herpes zoster, while seizing opportunities in practice to increase vaccination uptake.8

Empowering older adults with cardiovascular disease to reduce vaccine-preventable disease risk

The progressive accrual of chronic conditions as people age may place them at increased risk of vaccine-preventable diseases.6

Join Dr Sarah Chu and Dr Anthony French as they focus on the relationship between
cardiovascular disease and vaccine-preventable diseases, and how we can better empower patients to make decisions to reduce their vaccine-preventable disease risk.

Speakers involved in the series

Get to know the subject-matter experts involved in our four-part series

Dr Sarah Chu

Dr Anthony French

Dr Victoria Hayes

Dr Daman Langguth​

Dr Rod Pearce​

Dr Paul Russo​

A/Prof Michael Woodward​


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These educational activities were developed by Lateral Connections at the request of and with funding from GlaxoSmithKline PTY LTD (Melbourne, Victoria)

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